Monthly Archives: October 2012

Decalcomania Design – Layer 1

A teaser for our first layer: Lots of loveBonnie, Nicholas, Philip, and Reem Advertisements

Synestheseography: a layer 1

Team  is pleased to present the Office for Synestheseography’s new research into synestheseography. (Ian Hartman, Alessio Franko, Zanna Hendrey, and Michael Victor Zink.)

The Bloop Group

The Bloop Group is Nora Sandler, Julianne Grasso, Emily Gerry and Peter McDonald Our trail starts here: Bloop –  Layer 1 You can also read more about our concept here, or sources of inspiration here

CTA (Chicago Transmedia Authority) Layer 1

Here’s a broader statement of our vision: And the trail itself: (Group members: Rachel Hwang, Andy Jordan, Elizabeth Perkins, Keith Wilson)

Team AWESOME — Layer 1

Team AWESOME — Layer 1 Group members: Anna Dozor, Pao-Chen Tang, Rahul Roy, Joshua Leiber, and Chris Russell. Note: When viewing the Flickr slideshow, please click “Show info” to reveal captions.

Mark Twick

Hey Everyone, Did anyone else get an email from a “Mark Twick” regarding a short survey? It looks totally fake/phishy for several reasons (mostly grammatical errors), but having just been assigned our groups for the transmedia class, I’m already started to become paranoid and don’t want to throw it away if it’s a rabbit hole. […]