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CTA Layer 4

Ssshh. It’s a secret   (Group Members: Rachel Hwang, Andy Jordan, Elizabeth Perkins, Keith Wilson) Advertisements

Decalcomania Layer 4

  Will Cecily survive the dreaded grasp of Holmes? Will anyone discover her concealed cries for help? Why do Holmes’ guests continue to disappear? Find out this week on Decalcomania: Episode 4! Produced by: Philip Choong, Nicholas Cassleman, Reem Hilu, and Bonnie Fan  

The Bloop Group presents Ortgeist: Layer 4

This week we explore dining with ghosts in detail: The Dinnery Party Practice praising chairs The Bloop Group is Emily Gerry, Nora Sandler, Julianne Grasso and Peter McDonald

SONOS Layer 4

Check out the new and (hopefully) improved website! Love, Team Awesome

Finding the missing synestheseographers: a layer 4

breaks out of its narrative habits to present a Layer 4. (Ian Hartman, Alessio Franko, Zanna Hendrey, and Michael Victor Zink.)

Extra Creditzzzz

Yeah, whatever, I just posted twice in a row. #YOLO. So I’ve mentioned Extra Credits a bunch in class, and here are some episodes that relate to some of the games we’ve played. Mechanics as MetaphorThese episodes look at Loneliness and the way it produces meaning through mechanic alone. The comments provide additional perspectives and ideas, […]


Ingress Google is making an ARG-type thing, and it is Ingress.