In Synesthesia, participants who believe they have signed up for an interactive performance art installation discover they are caught in an underground clash between a sinister, secret society and an innocent art collective. Working with an anonymous partner to navigate the site of a supernatural kidnapping, players uncover the tale of two missing researchers, a Field of unimaginable affective power, and a dangerous, cult-like group hell-bent on channeling it to erase the very form of Being itself. Stressing themes of intersubjectivity, affect, and collaborative, emergent performance, Synesthesia blurs the lines between gameplay and art, offering players an exciting, mysterious narrative wrapped in discrete experiences of intimacy, isolation, and exuberant, creative eruption.

Ian Hartman, Alessio Franko, Zanna Hendrey, Michael Zink



  1. OMG… you will love the ASMR experience…

  2. Whoops… Try this…. h t t p : / / w w w . a s m r s t u d i o . c o m

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