SONOS PITCH: In a historical moment dominated by visuality, what does it mean to espouse phonocentrism? How does a focus on aurality change, reorient, or otherwise modify everyday ways of inhabiting space? Sound Orchestrating Nebulous Organization of Society or SONOS, one of the factions attempting to make meaning of The Project, turns toward sound as […]

Notes From the World’s Fair Hotel Notes From the World’s Fair HotelDecalcomania(N. Cassleman, P. Choong, B. Fan, R. Hilu) Notes From the World’s Fair Hotel is a transmedia game that uses letters, websites, and mobile phones in order to tell the story of a young girl, Cecily Rogers, who traveled to Chicago in 1893 to see […]

Synesthesia Webpage In Synesthesia, participants who believe they have signed up for an interactive performance art installation discover they are caught in an underground clash between a sinister, secret society and an innocent art collective. Working with an anonymous partner to navigate the site of a supernatural kidnapping, players uncover the tale of two missing […]

Ortgeist presents its final chapter. Kami, genius loci, Manitou, ortgeist, countless human cultures recognize and name the spirits of places. But when a place is destroyed, what happens to its spirit? When a Chicago apartment is bulldozed, the domestic spirits of its furniture move into Jackson Park, where they come into conflict with the spirits […]

What if instead of playing a game, you felt it? What if instead of reading about adventure, you understood it by the haunt of light surrounding you, or the play of the unknown lurking just beneath the boring and familiar? What if instead of visiting another world, you found yourself already in the midst of […]

I don’t really know if anyone will be checking this again but, I still thought this would be nice to share:!   (a ted talk about sifteos) -Anna

Ssshh. It’s a secret   (Group Members: Rachel Hwang, Andy Jordan, Elizabeth Perkins, Keith Wilson)